Lofty Ambitions

Charity of the Month is now called LOFTY AMBITIONS!!

The Loot Loft is more than just a clothing boutique. I have many Lofty Ambitions for what this business can be and how I can use a portion of my profits to provide support in my community! 

As I've mentioned before, I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandparents. They were always inspiring me to do more and they always gave back to their community in any way they could. I want to be able to do the same.

Our Lofty Ambition program will run on a yearly basis. Each year we will raise money for various local organizations. If you would like to nominate a cause/organization, send an email to

Here's how it works: 

There will be a special bin in the boutique for you to drop change/bills. You can also donate via the tip feature at checkout. Simply select a percent or customize your own amount. 

All monies collection in 2023 will be donated to MRCI. You can find more information about MRCI and the services they provide along with the communities they serve at