Unexpected Ampersand 2023 Wall Calendar

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Need a 2023 calendar? Look no further than our NEW Maker's Handmade Calendar. The entire calendar features photos from all over the world taken by the artist who loves to travel and photography.
Local Loot - Maker: Sarah Hopp

Brand: Unexpected Ampersand is, simply put, the unexpected moments that shape an adventure or good story. My life has become about saying yes to adventure, and all the unexpected joys/failures/scares that come with it. 

"...and then the car broke down."
"...and then it dumped 2 feet of snow on us."
"...and that's when we saw the bear!"
"...and it turned out to be the best trip of my life."
***As happens with all things we make, some are not perfect but still have use and value. Sarah has a few calendars that were printed with a date marked from her personal calendar. You'll find the word Anniversary on May 20th on the flawed calendars. 
This item is part of our Local Loot Collection and is not eligible for discounts.